Monday, April 30, 2007

When a Tree falls...

Moodie Street recently lost four mature Birch trees to the bronze birch borer, drastically altering (what I believe to be) the genius loci of our block. An email conversation with someone with the tree stewardship program has confirmed that there will be several major tree removals in the neighborhood over the next two years, because of the borer. There are so many mature trees here - removing them will make such an unfortunate difference.
It is up to individual homeowners to assist in the maintenance of newly planted boulevard trees.

Trees Thunder Bay

There are approximately 11000 empty places on public property in Thunder Bay where trees should be planted. Current estimates place the value of our urban forest at $16 million.

Trees Thunder Bay is our City’s community tree advocacy group. It was formed by concerned local citizens whose interest lay in beautifying the City by ensuring that our urban forest is protected, enhanced and maintained. Their mandate includes increasing awareness of the value of our urban forest, educating about trees and their place in urban and rural life, and compelling City Council to invest in the urban forest.
They meet the second Tuesday of each month at the 55 Plus Centre.

For minutes and information, read the Trees Thunder Bay Blog.

Thunder Bay Tree Stewardship Program : The Tree Stewardship Program is intended to promote the long-term sustainability of our urban forest by providing an accelerated, cost-shared tree planting program for Thunder Bay citizens. It will increase the number of urban trees in the city, enhance community stewardship, beautify our neighbourhoods and raise the profile of urban tree values.

Tree Canada Foundation

Canadian Trees Magazine

Trees in Canada (I love this link)

Environment North

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