Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter Monday nursery hopping

The Office Garden will welcome a new member tomorrow, a Peppermint Mint(mmmm) plant adopted today at Landale. It smelled so familiar in there - springtime in the greenhouse, I'm anxious to return to the gh. Landale had a lovely selection of ivies and herbs - and that new Green Wizard Rudbeckia I read about recently! note to self to return nearer to planting

We nursery hopped over to Vanderwees, more for camera fodder than any other reason, where the beginning of the season couldn't be hidden. They've opened up access to more greenhouses since our last visit, allowing us to wander through row upon row of the zonal geranium/petunia hanging basket. I shouldn't gibe at them so - hours of deadheading them at the gh has converted me to appreciate the geraniums buds; and I'll even credit the spendor of one year's window box to the pair of butter yellow petunias I planted(stuffed in between the lophospermum and many others) - but I'd just rather see row upon row of something different, something new.

What did surprise me was bumping into a bust of my boss; I laaaaughed even though it's uncomfortably eerie how much this garden statue looks like Dennis.
Hannah was the quick one with her camera here, I don't know why I didn't take one - maybe the shock of seeing him, and having him watch me as I took pictures of the giant green thumbs emerging from the ground beneath his lichened head...

I hope these green thumbs aren't the new gazing ball of gardening. This is the first I've seen of them, and as amusing as they are in the camera's eye, they're just not in my gardenerd's eye.

*edit, on April 14th Dennis bought "his head", after having that picture Hannah took as their computer screen saver for a week hah hahaha haaa. I took pictures of him with his head, but my camera card died (grr)(I will retake). A very funny addition to the gh indeed, even better -> the thing is hollow hah ha haaa. We could plant his head! *grin*

The herb varieties interest me, not only visually but with what I can do with them in the kitchen. I'm plotting how to allot more plots and pots for herbs. So many flavors!

The Orchids were something I enjoyed seeing row upon row of...