Sunday, November 10, 2013

Finn's Giraffes

Finn's giraffe wall sconces, newly installed in an empty nursery.

We hadn't got to unpacking yet. His nursery was just in the process of being painted when he died. It was going to be identical to the nursery we put together for him on Pearl Street, the trim was done, and the walls were prepped. The ceiling was already blue waiting for the clouds. 

After we lost Finn I begged that all the baby stuff was taken out of the house and the nursery painted plain. Slowly recently I've been requesting some of his things back... the chair, the giraffe in the elephant chair, the pictures for the walls, and the sconces.

Rohan installed the giraffes on the boring-beige walls yesterday. 

We picked up the sconces from the border in early September, when I was 39 weeks pregnant with my precious Finn. I was so excited to see them for real after falling for them online (much bigger than I expected but that's okay). The ride to the border was uncomfortable, my belly was heavy, my legs were swollen, but I was blissfully happy and filled with anticipation of new life. I imagined all the nights I would be in the light of the giraffes looking into my baby's crib. 

I think I'm going to have the blue sky and clouds painted again.