Friday, May 30, 2008

the ram pump and some Google Earth images

The gardens of Heligan inspired me to want a hydraulic RAM PUMP for the FSRN garden. The Conservation Authority replied and said there is nothing preventing us from pumping water from the McIntyre River for our garden project. I have sent a proposal to engineering - there's a student project opportunity here.

Of all the possible resources for water near our garden site, the river makes most sense. I would still like to prospose something to administration about a grey water system out of the Fieldhouse (especially considering the upcoming renovations to the pool); but the ram would be a great example to communities wanting to learn - easily implemented, simple design, everyone wins.

There are three huge piles of delicious soil and manure on site. Were it not under a downpour I would have climbed it.
The fencing is in, thanks to Connie - now install it. No buttons! ;)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

deer fencing for the FSRN garden

Many thanks to Matt for the driving in the posts for what is to become our deer fence. The poles are 8' in length, driven in the ground 2' 10 yards apart. We've allowed for a 6' edge around the perimeter of the garden - which will hopefully one day be an accessible boardwalk.

Connie has arranged for 25 units of light weight nylon mesh fencing to be sent from the Gardener's Supply Company. Each roll is 7' x 100' with mesh openings of 5/8 in. x 3/4 in.

I've had two loads of 8 cubic yards of three way soil brought in, along with 8 cubic yards of composted manure.
Supplied by LCR Estates, not far from the university on Oliver Road and staying in the theme of local resources, I'm impressed with the quality - though have to admit that 24 cubic feet of good soil looks more like an ant hill than a heap when dumped on such a garden site. Of course, I went and stuck my bare feet in it immediately.

Joining me now as the Campus Garden Assistant is Sara - who brings both a biology/chemistry element, along with a flare for theatre and and an enthusiasm for Food Security. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

I'm currently lost in the gardens of Heligan, thanks to another book my mother gave me:
Smit, Tim. The Lost Gardens of Heligan. Orion, London 1997. 978-0575402454

I encourage everyone to look up this garden restoration. In Cornwall county, UK, the Heligan estate, home to the Tremayne family for many generation, fell in to ruin with the onset of WWI. Generations of gardeners from thisfamily and the area contributed to this masterpiece over hundreds of years.
Tim Smit writes a well told story of his role. His passion for his project is evident in his language. I love this book.

Next, I have in my hand here - a *murder mystery* set in the Lost Gardens of Heligan. :D

Patricia found Edwinna

A while back I published a list of books I wished I owned. My mother made it so that I now do own two jewels on the list. I couldn't have been more surprised. Out of print, neither easy to get your hands on - she did. They're fabulous. Grin.

Von Baeyer, Edwinna. Rhetoric and Roses: A History of Canadian Gardening, 1900-1930. Fitzhenry and Whiteside, Toronto, (1984), Ist ed.. 197 pp hard cover 0889029830
~ which tells the story of the development of Canada's civic gardens, railway gardens, parks, and the growth of horticultural and agricultural programs across the country.

Von Baeyer, Edwinna, Crawford, Pleasance, Eds.. Garden Voices: Two Centuries of Candian Garden Writing. Vintage, 1997. 9780679308607

From the Publisher

Garden Voices is the first anthology of Canadian garden writing to celebrate the legions of gardeners, from
every decade since the 1790s, and from every province and territory. Listen to L.M. Montgomery as she describes the Prince Edward Island garden where she played as a girl and to Mackenzie King as he designs a balustrade for his Kingsmere retreat in 1931. A delightful read and the perfect gift for the armchair or active gardener, Garden Voices will instill in any garden enthusiast the perennially hardy spirit of Canadian gardening.

Henrietta Wood 1917
"My Garden - 1917: A Dream"

Dorothy Perkins
From "The Kitchen Garden and Production", in The Canadian Garden Book

on community gardening in Toronto: