Sunday, August 19, 2007

garden images, August 18th

Campanula capatica (Blue Bells)

Hosta, Browallia

inside a pumpkin plant


pumpkin, August 18th

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

things to eat

Tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers, pumpkins and peppers, and more peppers. Yeaaahh.


Nicola Squartecchia
March 6, 1941 - August 12, 2007

Rest in peace my gardener friend;
I will remember you fondly, always.

Very Hungry Caterpillars

Monarch Caterpillars at work on my neighbor's Butterfly Bush:

images taken July 7th, 2007

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dear Garden, how have you been?

A neighbor, who has lived on Moodie Street for more than 40 years, told me that she has never seen so many plants & flowers at 1421 as she has this year. grin. This house needed Amy's Garden as much as Amy's Garden is pleased to indulge.

I've been unable to accomplish what I wanted by this time (being mid-August already). All things considered, I didn't do too bad... but, it - along with everything else to do with this house - is different again; turning a new leaf. I will regain composure. My neighbor's comment is good motivation for me now: it deepens my feelings for this house - this house should be decorated, and should have a garden adorning.

In the past (I've been told) there have been rows of annuals along the walkway, and I've heard of a giant garage that once stood where my kitchen garden area is planned/is growing (oddly and unkempt but growing nonetheless), and surely someone had planted more than alyssum in the lock-stoned container-beds in front of the front porch. I don't know much more than that...other than *shivers* that tree-haters lived at this address, and were responsible for the ignorant removal of a matching Maple to the one southwest of the front porch, and the destruction of an Ash on the boulevard (a partner to my petitioned-to-be-replaced Ash) - a new truth which saddens me more because they obviously gave this tree no initial care, rendering it hopeless. *sigh*

All the more reason to give a little extra heart to Amy's Garden at 1421.

Plump pumpkins are appearing in the front yard. grin. For a while there I thought we'd see nothing but giant pumpkin leaves; each morning finding another loss to the thieving skunks. The pumpkins are finally starting to fight back, growing a small army - all of which to be carved as jack-o-lanterns (to scare the damn skunks away?)! It's actually become quite a scene out there, plantsthe are huge.

The roses all seem to be adjusting well, considering my recent neglect.

The backyard, from what I've watching through the kitchen window, is a playground for giant squirrels, cats, and of course skunks. Um. I haven't had this severe a problem with "wildlife" in my gardening past, and haven't quite figured out how to tackle it - other than patience. Sweet Caroline ordered some squirrel repellent "bags" of some sort for me, something I can dangle around to shoo them all away. We'll see if it works.
Birdhouses. Birdhouse projects have jumped up the priority list. I'd like to have a few installed before it gets much cooler. More birds = less rodents.

Not too many tomatoes (see above) but I have managed to rescue a few, ate them with feta - they were delicious. There were some cucumbers a couple weeks ago. None yesterday. The kitchen garden aspect may not be as easily commingled into my new garden as it could in my former garden. There, I thought the chipmunks were a nuisance. :-\ I miss those little guys now.

Everything else is settling in well. I've tried not to poke at anyone too much, leaving them to their own devices as they bloomed. The Elder is stunning. The best though, by far - the day lilies which I moved late in the spring from the various 'holding beds' to one small temporary bed (to add color to the front walkway), losing track of who was who in the process (clumsiness on my part)...they all bloomed, and beautifully. Double River Wye, Melon Balls, Raspberry Parfait, Fairytale, and Strawberry Swirl all showed up for the summer. Thanks guys. ;)
Also, two mystery peach day lilies. Lovely, but unidentified.

I have a lot to keep myself busy. ...but that's just keeping busy. The garden is growing it's own quirky personality (wildlife and all) like all things do when you let them go. ...

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