Wednesday, May 28, 2008

deer fencing for the FSRN garden

Many thanks to Matt for the driving in the posts for what is to become our deer fence. The poles are 8' in length, driven in the ground 2' 10 yards apart. We've allowed for a 6' edge around the perimeter of the garden - which will hopefully one day be an accessible boardwalk.

Connie has arranged for 25 units of light weight nylon mesh fencing to be sent from the Gardener's Supply Company. Each roll is 7' x 100' with mesh openings of 5/8 in. x 3/4 in.

I've had two loads of 8 cubic yards of three way soil brought in, along with 8 cubic yards of composted manure.
Supplied by LCR Estates, not far from the university on Oliver Road and staying in the theme of local resources, I'm impressed with the quality - though have to admit that 24 cubic feet of good soil looks more like an ant hill than a heap when dumped on such a garden site. Of course, I went and stuck my bare feet in it immediately.

Joining me now as the Campus Garden Assistant is Sara - who brings both a biology/chemistry element, along with a flare for theatre and and an enthusiasm for Food Security. :)

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