Sunday, April 1, 2007

conservatory story

More fodder for my camera than for my gardening appetite, we visited the conservatory today, and now I want a Lemon tree. Of course I can not have a lemon tree *sigh*.....

Hannah found the lemon tree and was already photographing the blossoms by the time I caught up.

I was lost in the cacti, deciding that a Ferocious Aloe should be added to the Office Garden. I wonder what people would say if I suddenly swapped the bulbs on my desk with a Ferocious Aloe - no one would mess with me, mwhahaha....By the time I met Hannah at the lemon tree, she was into the bulb room.

The lemons are huge.

Some other photos - flowers speak for themselves:


Easter Lily (macro)



Bird, of Pardise

palm droplettes