Friday, April 6, 2007

online rose gardening

  • Two old-fashioned, but still very effective, weapons for
    combating rose pests are companion plantings (Lavender, Catmint, Clematis) and nontoxic sprays (dormant oil).

  • Most insects despise the scent of members of the onion
    family, and of some other pungent herbs .

  • Successfully head off trouble by scatter garlic, chives,
    oregano, and tansy plants throughout the garden.

  • Marigolds (the Tagetes minuta or Calendula officinalis
    can provide attractive borders while keeping the destructive nematode (a microscopic rootattacking worm) at bay.

  • Tomatoes, petunias, lavender, and chrysanthemums can also
    serve as effective pest repellents in the rose garden.

  • You can concoct a homegrown insect discourager by mixing
    ground onions, garlic, and hot peppers—in just about any proportion you have on hand—in a gallon of water. Let the smelly solution steep overnight, strain the liquid, and spray the brew over your rosebushes.

  • Forceful streams of just plain water will help to break up
    invasions of spider mites.

  • For serious insect infestations, however, you may need to apply a product whose sole active ingredient is natural pyrethrum (an insecticide made from the dried flowers of Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium).

  • Sink banana peels in the rose bed, they'll love the potassium!

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I'm looking for Compassion, born the same year I was, an apricot-pink climber. *swoon*

Another I'm increasingly interested in is Golden Showers.

(This site also boasts a great rose glossary, very handy!)

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