Monday, April 30, 2007

defining moments

The moon, on April 28th

and Double River Wye the same day, showing life. glee

Today, April 30th, Winnipeg Parks!!! I feel renewed hope for my plant's survival.

For a while I thought all this was lost.

This makes me so happy...if it weren't covered in thorns, I hug it. *ow*

I've been waking up to birds, falling asleep to birds, and there are bird songs in afternoon when I return home from work drowning out the sounds of traffic on the street (while I sit and decompress in the front porch). I love hearing the birds. They make me feel at home, for the first time in long. I worry for them when I watch the trees go down.

Watching my plants return reminds me of watching The Private Lives of Plants (David Attenborough). I watched a half of Growing the other day and have have hoping to find five and a half spare hours to watch the rest - someday(sigh). I highly recommend the series ;)

Garden Book of the day:
Johnson, Lorraine. Grow Wild! Native Plant Gardening in Canada and Northern United States. Random House, Toronto. 1998.

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