Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just Decky

Installing Ledger Boards on Stucco , Blocking the Joists , Pouring Footings , Installing Decking

Decks 1-2-3 hmmm, summer reading material ...hmm

I think I'd be better off having a professional do the work for the sake of ease&time, mostly (and preventing having to call Holmes on Homes).

I'm going to watch the prices and consider all options available around the area, of course, especially now that my heart is stuck on cedar. We're looking at 8' x 25', followed by a foot bridge of hmm? maybe 2.5' x whatever width the pond ends up to be....
There's also the area between and slightly surrounding the shed and greenhouse, which for continuity's sake I'd like to have match the deck off the house. It's not a big area - scrap pieces could even be used. There's also the question of a small built on bench-seating corner.

I'm imagining lighting: spot lights, built-in-to-the-deck pot lights, pond lighting, patio lanterns?(there so many nice ones these days), and perhaps a few of those solar things around the garden in strategic spots.