Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Office Gardening II

Office gardening is a funny thing. It's charm is found, I think, in the storytelling the flowers and plants provoke. I like the messages and, being given the confidence, some are almost allegorical - plants mean something to their owners, also the reasons why they planted them, and what results they had - were they tragedies or comedies, or whether it's a conversation about an office plant, or a gardening experience - people see the plants and they start talking.
I was once handed a gardening journal/photo album belonging to a woman in the cafeteria just because she saw that I had my copy of Canadian Gardening in my hands for lunch hour reading - ever since we trade comments about our green thumbs. I love that.

There are crazy plants growing in offices all over the campus. There are office gardeners all around me - and it's really fun to have this subculture of soiled-minded companions around me all day. I'm feeling balanced, enjoying the best of all my interests - and I couldn't be happier.

I'm envious of the folks with the more sourthern exposure, even though I hear it's almost too good to be true, causing Professor Melon's kin to become a plethora of plantlings (I'll report after I've seen it for myself heh heh). I don't get sun for a long period, but what I do get is pretty intense - which results in a daily/morningly balance of priorities as I squint at my monitor so the plants can soak up the rays while they shine. I'll have to make better use of the odd corner window that does get afternoon sun.

The Gardenia died. This is not shocking. I tried, it died...so I can confirm that plants that like warm moist sunny condition will not survive in places that lack all of those things. :P RIP

Professor Melon was in a sad state this morning after four days of long-weekend neglect, but I quickly rushed him to the bathroom for some sink therapy, and he perked back up by lunchtime. Whew (he had me worried all weekend).

Everybody else was fine - dry, but fine. I wasn't as worried about them as the Melon - they're still very small (probably due to lack of sunlight and humidity ha ha), but they're growing, slowly.

The Peppermint smells spicy and delicious - just as I imagined it would. I'm pleased with this plant and believe that it will do fine in the problematic conditions <- it's a mint afterall.