Friday, April 6, 2007

rules for rodents

Chipmunks were responsible for looting everything from rose buds to peas and whole zucchini to just about everything in my garden. Those little pirates absconded with so many treats right before my eyes - damn them for being cute!

I haven't seen too many chipmunks around the new house, but the kangaroos are rampant. At least they appear to be kangaroos, from the size of 'em, but I think the species is "squirrelish".

things to know about squirrels:

  • crocuses are their favorite, second are tulips
  • toss moths balls or spinkle the area with bloodmeal
  • plant imperials (Fritillaria imperialis) or some rhubarb nearby
  • plant only daffodils and hyacinths - squirrels won't touch them
  • use wide-gauge hardware cloth to make an underground cage for blubs or place a piece over the bulbs after planting. No need to remove cloth in spring - its holes are large enough for the bulbs to grow through.
  • cover the tulip bed with a layer of sharp gravel

Other plants to keep unwanted critters at bay include Barberry, Russian Olive, Rugosa Rose, Blackberry, Blue Spruce, Firethorn, Holly, Sea Buckthorn, Hawthron, Japanese Quince...

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