Wednesday, May 2, 2007

on my way home...

Before I moved, this was my way home from work everyday.

I felt like Little Red Riding Hood following her yellow brick road. I'm reunited with "my path" while I work at the River Street greenhouse again this year, briefly. I can't wait. I used to tell myself, sometimes aloud, while I walked (or bicycled) my path - how fortunate I was to be able to do that everyday. It soothed me.

Thanks to organizations such as the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority and the Living by Water project (who serve as an Ontario-wide model promoting good land and water stewardship practices by urban and rural residents along watercourses), Mcvicar Creek's abiotic and biotic factors are being preserved and protected. 'Tis why the ducks return ;)

I knew it could never last (walking it everyday), so I took my time and really got to know this path, the creek, and all the inhabitants (even some of the humans!) and I'm grateful I did - because now...I remember every detail and even though it saddens me from time to time that I can't walk through this everyday, I'm happy that I remember so much everyday.

We've been planning all winter to takes the bikes in the van over to the area to cruise. It was along this path that Hannah first tossed pebbles into running water, watched ducks, and learned about fiddleheads, cow parsnip, and the red dogwoods. It's a treasure.

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