Saturday, May 12, 2007

Greenhouse May 12

The Greenhouse, day one, was exhilarating. Great conversations with interesting people, under the sun, and in the fresh windy air. I love being there. As I sit here in greenhouse fleece that's been sooooo cozy to wear all day in comparison to those dark green unfuzzy jackets we wear, with my journal in my hand (I made notes all day), I feel exhausted in the best way.

In my notes I write a list of things I've taken home:

  1. rose: Morden Blush
  2. a strawberry plant (for Hannah)
  3. a good lookin' Grape Tomato plant
  4. Purple Fountain Grass

Hannah joined me today for the final hour and a half at the greenhouse. She was terrific, helping Dennis and I move a trailer full of hanging baskets into the greenhouse and putting plants in their places. We cruised our bikes across town to home at the end of the day, coasting with our feet up, enjoying the late afternoon together.
I'm falling for more yellow roses, one after another, to ramble the east fence in the backyard. I've been looking at Golden Showers, but today I fell deeper in love with Frühlingsgold. :) I have more notes in my journal but I'm loosing the battle with the sandman here...


"And there is pansies. That's for thoughts."

Sky Blue, being one of the few true blue flowers, attracts me year after year...


Cranberry Nemesia

Purple Nemesia

Osteospermum, waking to the morning sun

Oxalis vulcanicola 'Zinfandel'

These little Geranium buds are what I appreciate about this plant. They look like petite rose buds; and when bundled together they make a very pretty bouquet (for a smurf). I used to make the little bouquets and tie them with the stem of another and leave them around in the greenhouse...I haven't made one yet this year - but I will ;)

Diascia barberae, also known as Twinspur -beautiful trailing annual. Slender spikes will be loaded with pretty, coral blooms resembling tiny foxgloves from early summer to frost. Low-growing and superb in containers and window boxes. I'ved used this in containers, but I remember the variety to be a lighter salmony shade. This one really caught my eye today.

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