Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Office Garden IV

Office Garden updates include a new pot for the Pachira (money tree), who is still in shock, and a new (large) pot for (large) Professor Melon, who bloomed (again) today.

If that crazy cantaloupe sprouts a melon, I'm growin' it in there all summer!

Two new additions to the OG: an Aloe plant, unfortunately not FEROCIOUS. Fear and pain are well taken care of by the spikes of the Barrel Cactus, now Bill Shakes' seat. After having his nose in Marlowe for a week, sitting on a cactus (uttering expletives on post-its) is actually more to his liking ;). Repotting that cactus was interesting. ow

Another succulent to add would be a Prickly Pear. Considering the conditions, they shouldn't be a worry(which completely contradicts the success of the melon)*shrug*. Maybe I'll put the Aloe on the first aid'll come in handy for those nasty hazards of the job: papercuts.

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