Saturday, May 12, 2007


Lophospermum erubescens may be found listed as Asarinia erubescens, Maurandya erubescens, Creeping Gloxinia or Mexican Twist. It originates from mountainous areas of Mexico where it grows at an altitude of around 2,000 metres.

Lophospermum is a tender perennial plant suitable for growing in hanging baskets or against a wall or trellis where it will reach a height of up to 3m (10'). Plants should be potted in freely draining potting compost.

In the early stages keep the plants on the dry side as the young plants can be susceptible to the fungal disease Botrytis.

Pinch out the growing tip to produce a bushy habit when the plants have reached a height of about 10cm (4"). Once the plants are growing vigorously keep the compost moist and apply a balanced liquid feed at 10 day intervals.

The plants can be placed outdoors in partial shade or full sun during late May or early June after the danger of frost has passed. When grown in the border against a support, space the plants 60cm (24") apart in a well drained soil.

Mature plants can be over wintered in a greenhouse at a minimum temperature of 5ºC (41ºF). At these lower temperatures the plants may lose their leaves. Water sparingly during the winter months until growth recommences in spring.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy
I live in Wisconsin and purchased 6 baskets of the Lophospermum. All are doing nicely except one basket that has taken on distress feom what I think OR just hasn't rooted correctly. I have finally taken it out of it's original basket to put into a different basket and soil which is when I noticed hardly any roots at all. Once it's wilted (but not dried out)to this extent can it be saved with nurturing? Do you sell these plants to replace this one as my nursery doesn't have any more of this plant and if so how much would it be? Thanks Jeanne