Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Urban Forestry & Memorial Ave

Will the two ever reconcile? I can only imagine how a tree lined avenue would change the entire atmosphere of Thunder Bay. Right now it's a long, desolate highway running through the City; appearing to span even wider by the asphalt covered shoulders - most right up to the box shop doors. 

It's takes me about half an hour - 40 minutes maybe to walk to Chapters from home in Port Arthur. Intercity another 20. Easy, but ugly. It could be such a lovely walk..., along side walks and recreational trails for bikes lined by grassy shoulders, in difficult areas in winter: paving stones and trees in large containers, pocket gardens of hardy shrubs and seating for people waiting for city transit. All these places are walkable, but people don't want to walk the walk. 

I can imagine the memorial trees, plaques that connect people to Thunder Bay's history, stuff that means something - give people a reason to think, come back, feel something about the City. It could be so beautiful.

An excellent letter in the Chronicle Journal (19 May 2012) 
on the subject of the City's urban forestry plan
and the meaning of Memorial Avenue:

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