Friday, May 11, 2012

take a deep breath and hold

A woman recently commented on my photography, telling me I needed to stand still while I take photos - too much blur I guess, many errors in stitching...
I gave her the side eye as she walked away, thinking:

I've wondered ever since how often she's held her breath until she nearly faints, holding a weighty DSLR focused on a bloom while standing on one awkward foot waiting for that bumble bee to return to the lens. I should let it go. Ignorance is a funny thing..., I really try not to judge people, make assumptions - we all do it, human nature, but really...Where's the respect?

I guess not considered is that all of these greenhouse panos taken this year have been 'on the job' - while I work, becoming overwhelmed by the sight of the greenhouse (no different than most customers) - I stop, and take a photograph...mostly so that I can 'breath it all in' later (Honda Wanda), but also to share and show off what a beautiful thing I've helped create.
I often have a hose in one hand while I take these, quickly shooting before someone walks though the scene. I've dared to go up on ladders (as my fear of heights causes hand sweats and feet aches).. I think I've done pretty damn good (getting better) at the process involved in taking the right photos at the right angles with the right exposure in order to stretch the greenhouse properly, with as little warping, errors, and blur. Not an easy photographic task..., but fun, challenging, and fulfilling for my creative junkie self.

It's true. I've nearly fainted in the garden doing some sort of Karate Kid yoga on a rock, holding my breath to keep my camera still - many times. Some things just can't be done with a tripod - food photography for instance...lots of breath holding there.

I understand that some people just don't understand. What. ever.

This, this is what was going through my head the whole time she spoke to me about standing still. Then I picked up my hose and flipflopped back to where I had left off watering.

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