Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear Garden Diary,

Campanula persicifolia Blue
'Peach Leaf Bellflower'
and that rolling stone grass...
mark the end of the brick and stone
of the old house,
and the beginning
of the west side succulent garden
bordering the new back porch.

The gaps further down...
still undecided,
which is so exciting
for a gardener.
I've imagined a number of different

I know I don't want to hide the beautiful stone and brick.
Through the kitchen window
during the days of rain 2012

In the backyard, in the east garden full of sunny perennials, our little magical one Alchemilla mollis 'Lady's Mantle' is crowding into it's neighbour, Knautia macedonica. Plenty of room for the monarda to spread it's pretty pinkness.
Another rolling stone container.
A weed.
My spade.
Some of those irises I transplanted last year.
Niobe, clematis
planted in the summer of 2011
in her first real year
vining along fine
hostas, lobelia in the tulip pot, Morden Blush, Wargrave's Pink
west side garden
30 May 2012

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