Thursday, May 3, 2012


lemon verbenaCalibrachoa hybrid, Double Lemon

Lemon verbena, double lemon calibrachoa, "Pink Lemonade" petunias, "Lemon Symphony" osteospermum..., there are more lemony plants, and I'm going to collect them all for a while I think. Most of this year's containers seem to be coming up lemon.

Some people come into the greenhouse so organized: with lists & tags, and knowing exactly what they want. I can't say I don't have lists (in my head mostly) or tags (in bags on my desk), or any plan....
The possibilities are endless though, and until I run out of pots and space the deciding and planning continues. I know that I develop spontaneous relationships with blooms I never expected to even like (especially petunias, and zonal geraniums); and though I like to think I'm not a theme type of gardener, I do it all the time - fairytales and literary influences, fruit flavoured Daylilies, colours, and now lemons. 

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