Thursday, June 5, 2008

White Way of Delight

Jasmine S., student and eager volunteer to the FSRN garden project came to visit me today. Also a student of Scott's, fellow RB gardener, she came to collect her creative writing binder and to talk gardens.
And we did! I'm excited by her enthusiasm, even more excited because when we came to talk about the apple "orchard" I hope will be planted .....she spoke before me, when I mentioned a connection to literature there in 'the Avenue'...yelling out "White Way of Delight!" before I could finish. :D
I knew I wasn't alone in making these connections, these wonderful gardenerd connections between plants and literature. I see them all the time - but then I am somewhat surrounded in the both all day, every day. How lucky I am. Grin.

After speaking with Jasmine today, I'm convinced more than ever that those trees have to be planted. It will be delightful :)

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