Thursday, June 5, 2008

garden notes

I would like to thank the hospital for providing us with a windsock.

After wheeling the measuring device around the garden a few times I feel confident with the previously posted plan. I've tried to accommodate larger academic uses ( I find all aspects of this project beg for academic uses), medium sized plots for groups, smaller plots for individuals - all of which can be divided within, or reserved with an adjacent plot for whatever need might arise.
Talking to Sara earlier this evening in the garden was wonderful - it's great to be out there visually planning and bouncing ideas off another creative gardenerd. We talked about how we might keep bears away, nutrients and food - why we eat what we eat, marigolds, decorative yet space-conscious planting. We're collecting stakes, and soon we (Sara) can be out there marking off some plots.
currently growing: some red clover and alfalfa