Thursday, June 5, 2008

possible garden plan 3

....if the weather holds up, Sara and I will be out there today using the measuring wheels from Geography. Trying to incorporate as many user uses as possible is a challenge (one I'm enjoying greatly) ...all is subject to change ;)

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iDale said...

Have I mentioned lately how unbelievably cool all this is?

And huuuge. I was looking at your little "garden" plan thinking, "oh how cute... a little section of edible flowers... and a nice row of sunflowers." Then I start to actually, you know, THINK about the scale of things. And it hits me that the "little" plot of sunflowers is nearly as large as my apartment. Heheh. Wowza. This place is going to rock once you're done - I'm expecting a slew of pretty pictures. :)

Oh, and I vote for bees. Mostly so it gives me the opportunity to punish you with a proposed movie title: The Unbearable Lightness of Beekeeping.



Okay, sorry, please come back. No more puns, I promise. :)