Monday, June 16, 2008

FSRN garden update

I started receiving Google alerts for "university sustainable garden" a while ago. The articles I'm exposed to are filling me with so many expectations for our project, I'm bursting. Students at Grand Valley State are doing it, students at Princeton are doing it, everyone's doing it. Dude.

I receive other alerts for similar searches; that one seems to offer some pretty good loot.

Sara sent me scans of her staking/measurements on the garden plan, with what the dimensions related to in actual terms, posted below. I knew it wouldn't be exact, but I do have to say I'm impressed at how well it translated.
She's also reported a boggy area near the LUCK garden. Options are being weighed.

A call for volunteers to help move the soil will go out shortly, as an on-call request in accordance with the weather.

Sara's edits in pink are the plots, the blue are walkways. She's been so dedicated in getting out there to mark the plots, and recording her experience. She's certainly the Garden Voice of the FSRN garden this soggy spring!

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