Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sex and the Gardening

I've been wanting to go see the Sex and the City movie with Caroline, but of course haven't had time. I'm pulled toward seeing that on the small screen anyway, where I miss seeing it.

I thank Katie Malloch again tonight for keeping me company while I write. My back is sore, I'm having difficulty concentrating. Might be because I'm sitting at my piano that I can't quite play (but can produce some quick Beethoven thanks to my years with the wind instruments).

Weeks ago I wanted to write a post about 'pulling the hose'. I realized immediately that the title wasn't appropriate for my pretty little garden blog, ....I couldn't find the words, so I dropped it.

Today Sara toiled in the sun, with Roy - turning over beds, weeding, readying soil moving. I went to visit her during "lunch", her and Roy were making the best of the compacted soil, thanks to the heavy rains. The soil piles are heavy, and on the opposite side of the garden. Volunteers will be needed to help move soil, dig out rocks. But first, I agree with Sara that Jeff will be required to till again. Had it not been for the rains....

We had a 2 hour meeting in about ten minutes in my office at the end of the day, discussed plans, pondered questions - one of which being what to do about water for Connie's tomatoes, which need to be in the ground yesterday - among other things we want to plant asap. Rain barrels of some sort for this year, the RAM pump for next *crosses fingers*. I had a vision of Sara carrying pails of water from the McIntyre and want to put more effort into that pump. I will deal with the barrels.

All this talk of how to get water to the plant made me think of pulling the hose again. You see, the hose I speak of is the hose we drag across the parking lot to the 55 + Centre to get water to the greenhouse on River St.. "Pulling the hose" refers to pulling the long heavy hose across the parking lot and attaching it to the 55's spout. I don't particularly like pulling the hose, at all. It's the work of firemen, and I am not that. But one day it needed to be hauled back, Dennis was nowhere in sight - so I pulled the hose. When Dennis did arrive, he gave me a funny look and said: you pulled the hose, hmh. (with a sly smile) The next time the hose need to be pulled he "had a sore arm"; so guess who pulled the hose. Yeah.

What I enjoy most about pulling the hose are all the people who go by me while I do it and say things like: looks like hard work! or that must keep you in shape!. There was a time years ago when I was pulling the hose and a number of 55+ members joined in pulling parts of it. It was kinda like a scene from Cocoon. I don't know if it's wrong of me to say that.

While I was pulling the hose the morning of Dennis' sore arm, a white haired man rode my purple bicycle around the parking lot, squealing in delight of course grin.

and speaking of doing it:
Yale's doing it too.
I look at the pictures in that article and see so much of what I have envisioned for our space - and I have to admit to being somewhat green with envy. Yeah, green.
and the
University of
Wisconsin-Madison also have a community-supported agriculture farm on campus.