Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What's in a name?

The plants that came in simply labelled "Rhodochiton" - the one I have planted in my large pot with the twig obelisk - has bloomed in the greenhouse. It's breathtaking.
Our rhodochiton is wet - like everything else in gardens this year. The rain, the rain, the rain, then heat & humidity, then rain.. has been great for leafy things and leaf eaters, ....but things in pots aren't drying out enough between downpours and that's making life.. interesting. I have this guy in a very sunny spot on the back deck, one of the hottest spots, getting sun from mid-morning until it falls over the Port Arthur Ridge in late evening. Hopefully we'll see some blooms soon. 

A little history of the synonym of names Rhodochiton & Lophospermum:

The Lophospermum plants at Vanderwees are what I'm most familiar with (seen below). There was a time when I couldn't imagine my annual garden season without one - though I should mention that Jean has kept one alive for years by cutting it back and taking it in at the end of the season. This one has larger leaves than 'Purple Bells', and long mauve trumpet flowers.
 Rhodochiton 'Purple Bells'

I love them all. I love the way this vine tendrils, the blossoms on every one - it's a beautiful plant. One of the more vigorous climbers (and trailing plant) I know - for an annual here. It puts on a great show where ever is grows.

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