Saturday, June 9, 2012

Canary Columbine

5 June 2012

Aquilegia crysantha var. crysantha ~ Golden Columbine, Canary Columbine

A tender perennial here in Thunder Bay, the Golden Columbine is found growing vigorously in damp dapple lit areas in Texas and the southwestern States. It's in its second year in our front garden in nearly complete shade (other than an hour or so of morning sun). Columbines are members of the buttercup family. The Canary's delicate yellow blooms stand upright on stems reaching 20-50cm, with green foliage. My plant was touched by a little powdery mildew last year, so I'll have to keep a close eye on it this season. 

stamens reaching beyond the blades
9 June 2012


Northern Shade said...

This columbine has such a pretty butter yellow colour, very nice. Did you have to give it any extra winter protection?

Amy Vervoort said...

It is such a pretty flower :) I didn't give it any extra protection this first winter - other than some leaf cover. I accepted the fact that it's a little tender for our climate, one harsh winter could be its end. In the meantime, I will enjoy it every day.