Thursday, June 28, 2012


While photographing the peonies the other morning (after a long shower under the sprinkler) I wondered if I would ever get tired of photographs of these peonies. Their upright bloom time is always so short-lived, and all it takes is one good rainfall to flop them all over; I madly capture them year after year, same pinks, same same droplets, ...same glorious photograph of a blooming peony for the journal. I'm glad I save the moment, and I'll do it again next year.

I cut a good number of them this afternoon, along with some Alchemilla mollis 'Lady's Mantle' blooms - and after meticulously picking at and shaking them free of bugs & worms ...yes: unpleasant... I arranged them for a vase in the kitchen and photographed them again.
 and again


Northern Shade said...

Peonies are so photogenic. The blooms look fantastic, whether they are fighting against the rain on the plants, or in bouquets in a vase. I enjoy the way that they scent a room.

Amy Vervoort said...

Peony bouquets might be my favourite - such stunning HUGE blooms! :)