Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a garden fence

photo by Rohan M.
Rohan built a garden fence. 

It's quite incredible, curving around the existing pathway between the small kitchen garden and the new, larger kitchen garden bed. Cedar pickets, each cut by R himself. Notice the perfectly aligned screws. OCD anyone? Two gates, one near the barbecue patio, the other halfway to the dog run - both with self closing hinges. It just might be the most beautiful garden fence in the world.

I doodled on his photo of the fence in progress; imagining the last of the grass away and our fire-pit in place. It's going to be lovely. Recycled brick will make take the place of the grass - and though we'll have a lot going on in a small space path-wise, that is what makes an adopted garden. 
A neighbourhood cat
strolling through the photo
Stick Amy is in the garden replanting the spinach - as most of the leaves have been nibbled away. I'm counting on some established roots, but along with washed away carrots some new seeds need to be added. 
garden plan 2011
change of plans, no more grass: brick patio instead
things are coming along


La Mode Operandi said...

Very nice doodles! That is a pretty nice fence you have there, quite possibly the best in the world! hahaha. And how might I ask did you take that picture of your lovely garden? Did you spiderman your way up the roof? ya crazy.

Amy Vervoort said...

I love the idea of Spidermanning my way to a better photograph, but in this case it's Rs photo - which he took from our second floor balcony overlooking the backyard. ;)