Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the kitchen garden (and dogs)

garlic chives
5 June 2012
Gromit Wensleydale Jackson
Chief Pea Inspector
R's incredible garden fence is coming along (ugh, that snow fence is killing me - literally. "A is for Amy who fell ..over the snow fence in the garden..." to change Edward Gorey's poem for a moment.) The cleverly curved wood to match the existing path is just beautiful. My man is incredible.
So, the fence is coming along, ...yesterday Dan aka 'Urban Greenspaces" came by and adopted the mugo pine and the white potentilla that were getting a little to snug side by side, and out of place in our new garden plan. It's outstanding what a difference is made to the landscape of our small yard with the removal of those two shrubs. There's less of a tunnelling effect, the space seems wider - rather than long and narrow. I stood out there this morning and took a deep breath from the steps. I'm in love with this garden.
Gromit W & Clifford the Big Red Dog
on the job
"The little kitchen garden" is what I'm calling the small plot tucked beside the porch. It's the hottest zone in our garden, thawed first, planted first, a cooker. Peppers and one sweet cherry tomato are filling in the space - and once these early peas finish they can move in there too. The rest of it is filled with herbs, my dear John Davis explorer rose, and this year: a sweet little Tangerine Thunbergia vine, who will climb to the second floor balcony on twine I tied one morning.
Tangerine Thunbergia
kale, chard

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