Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Cedar Grove Community Acupuncture

The community acupuncture model is such a perfect addition to Thunder Bay's medical system - in a city with so many without a family doctor, and a top cancer care program. This inexpensive accessible therapy is there for everybody, for countless reasons. Alternative effective treatment for ailments like chronic pain, auto-immune disorders, headaches, digestive disorders - complaints that congest our hospital's emergency room every day and feed the narcotic problems that plague so many.

The Walleye's January 2013 issue is available now in print and online. In it - an introduction to our new community acupuncture clinic.

The community acupuncture model was established on traditional principles, and allows practitioners to provide accessible and affordable treatment in an atmosphere of healing and collective positive energy. The movement to integrate acupuncture into the North American healthcare system began in Portland, Oregon in 2002 and has expanded with vigour with hundreds of clinics opening up across Canada and the United States, with Thunder Bay now demonstrating this progressive thinking toward control of one’s own health care.
“Imagine the impact of acupuncture seeping into every corner of our 
dysfunctional health care system: 
quietly relieving pain without pharmaceuticals, 
reducing stress without psychotherapy,
inexorably changing the way people think about health and illness 
by providing an ongoing testimonial to people’s ability to heal themselves.”
Lisa Rohleder, Acupuncture is Like Noodles

Cedar Grove Community Acupuncture is the result of four local practitioners passionate about patient care. Sarah Watts DTCM, Carrie Johnsen DAc., Tracy Cook ND and Jessica Carfagnini ND. have established this community clinic to provide the best possible care for patients, and reach more people by breaking the barriers to receiving treatment.

Acupuncture’s enormous potential is best realised through a series of treatments over time, but often treatment rates are expensive. Cedar Grove Community Acupuncture clinic operates on a sliding scale of $20-45 per visit, which is determined by the patient; and treatment is done in a group setting, using points from the elbows and knees down. Patients choose a comfortable chair in the treatment room and rest with needles in for as long as they feel is necessary. In this setting friends and family can receive treatment together.
“Acupuncture is understood 
and proven effective by Western medical standards, 
bridging the gap between Eastern and Western medicine.”
Dr. Jennifer Atwood, MD
Fort William Clinic

Complimentary to Western medicine, acupuncture is effective in relieving a myriad of disorders from chronic pain, digestive and hormonal imbalances, allergies and injuries, to easing the discomforts of chemotherapy. Individual protocols are determined by talking with patients in private consultation: understanding the history, current complaints, and long-term health goals of the patient. Open communication between patient and practitioner plays an important role in finding the right path to healing.

Cedar Grove Community Acupuncture 
is located at 219 Algoma Street South
next to the Thunder Bay Naturopathic Clinic.
Visit their website at www.communityacupuncturetbay.ca

For more on the community acupuncture movement: www.pocacoop.com 
POCA - People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture

I wandered home from my first acupuncture appointment 
unable to describe what I was feeling. 
I still can't find the right words. 
"An energy" sounds sort of corny, 
qi isn't widely understood - whatever it was it was different, 
familiar, something lost found again. 
Something was better than it was before, 
and with each appointment 
the feeling became more and more apparent. 
The unsettling feeling of needing to know why 
became less important than continuing to feel better, 
and with wellness came peace... 

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