Friday, August 3, 2012

Gardening Australia

Reading Australian gardening magazines is not much different than the Canadian mags. What I find so interesting are the planting times, seasonal differences... Right now, in July, there are daffodils blooming - along side Bird of Paradise flowers and Jade plants in the ground. Rhododendrons grow higher than rooftops, and cherry blossoms are just beginning. Camellias are blooming, and other natives like Pilotus, Callistemon, Pauciflora (Eucalyptus Snow Gum) and Eremophila (Emu Bush) are mentioned. For three years now I've tried studying the plants while I'm here - this year I've taken to wandering through garden centres, taking photos of the plant tags. Some day I hope to know as much about Blue Mountain flora as I do about Northern Ontario.
a book I think our garden needs
and the book ends to hold it
I adore this watering can...
wish I could fit it into my suitcase

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