Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Pictured right is Marge Stadey of the Ogden-Simpson Veggie Garden Project showing some children her worm compost at the local food forum at the Lakehead University Agora in November 2008.

The Thunder Bay Vermicomposting Network was initiated by Dr. Brad Wilson and a number of his students of the Geography Department at Lakehead University.

Worm composting is an efficient way to deal with home kitchen food scraps, turning it into useful and nutrient rich compost for your garden. The process is simple; instructions can be found here, compiled by EcoSuperior.

Red worms (red wigglers) are the companions you want for your worm composting, and are available from Dr. Wilson's network.

City Farmer executive director Michael Levenston's posts in City Farmer News are some of my favourite to read. I've been subscribing to this journal for a long time, and am continually engaged with his historical Canadian gardening stories, along side the current movements City Farmer News follows on the west coast.

In a recent post, City Farmer News published the following video on worm composting which answers a lot of the questions people have, and with this video demonstrate the process.

To read the full article, please visit
City Farmer News Worm Composting Tips.

City Farmer’s main web site Urban Agriculture Notes (www.cityfarmer.org) has hundreds of pages of information about city farming. Published since 1994, it was the first web site on the Internet to promote urban farming.

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