Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roses I have Known

Morden Sunrise
Parkland series, hardy shrub rose
Introduced in 1999
Blooms appear in a combination of yellow, orange, and pink, against dark green, shiny foliage.

Morden Blush 
Parkland series, hardy shrub rose
Introduced in 1988
Pale pink blooms in cooler temperatures, turn creamy white in warmer weather.

John Davis
Explorer shrub / climber
Introduced in 1986
Medium pink double flowers in clusters. 

J.P. Connell 
Ottawa Breeding Program
Introduced in 1987
Lemon yellow blooms look a lot like a hybrid tea rose open to look more like a floribunda in creamy white.
  • I still have my John Davis rose, who has faithfully bloomed year after year since 2001, moved three times, and has lived in a bucket for months at a time.


Muhammad khabbab said...

what a lovely collection of roses.
they are looking so cute. Great post.

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