Saturday, February 2, 2008

amy's roaming potted garden

It'll go in pots. Moved in pots, possibly remain in pots. A solution to where amy's garden will go...

Potted roses, potted shrubs, potted herbs an hostas, potted tomatoes, even potted lilies. I can already think of some very nice arrangements with my existing plants, and I can still get excited about new plants...potted.
Sometimes things just don't go as planned, so you ride the wave, go with the flow...and that is what I'm doing. I can daydream about the future all I want - picturing myself mature in my mature garden, somewhere. That time will come. This time right now, I have enough gardening projects to keep busy, plans to make all to make me happy - and, let me not forget: who's to say that I won't find a home where I can plant, so I may have no need to mourn amy's garden again anyway....
I feel quite confident about the coming months, summer and what I'll end up with. So - for that reason I think this journal should keep on keepin' on. I can doodle pots just as happily as backyards.

I've always enjoyed putting together pots and planters. My front steps used to be covered in them - not to mention my window box designs year after year. I miss that.
This will be a new challenge - not so much in designing, but planning the soils - because if I know me (which I do) I know that I am good at putting these things together, not so good at remembering to water correctly....
Indoor gardening in my office has been teaching me a lot more about that, so maybe I've learned something since. Though, as I write this I think, and think and I think that most of the pots that were disasters were pots in my backyard at 606. That southwest facing deck was hell on earth for plants sizzle sizzle so I shouldn't be so hard on myself. What I should have done was set up a soaker hose from a rain barrel.
I will put that one into practice this year.

These are going to be some really cool pots. grin.

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