Sunday, September 2, 2007

Labor days, indeed

My Claw and I have been busy.

Yesterday we took on the back, today the front; I've got the blistered palms to prove it.

After my initial creating of the back beds, I hadn't done much to them (other than let the weeds roam free). I hadn't intended on planting them this season, so really - my work was done. Okay yeah, so - I say that to myself to make me feel better for neglecting it for the whole month of August, but we do what we do to save face: this is mine to my garden, my sad, dry garden.

It's very dry. Something to think about when amending soils. It's also very shallow; I hit hard sediment and shale just a few inches down in some places.

I hope to have a few loads of manure and soil/compost brought in late this fall - I'm looking into the details now, though as I watch my compost heap along the backside of the house thicken I realize I will need some(I mean lots of) soil to cover this for the first snow. The heap has great potential - I've been saving newspapers, add that to the incoming soil/manure, some moisture and a long winter - this heap could become some fine dark soil come springtime. Lasagna gardening at its best.

The back was cleaned yesterday. I removed all the sturdy weeds easily (I think there's something to be said for 'letting it go' - they're easier to pull up when they've got bulk), and enjoyed rolling my arms through the soil to remove all the little ones.
It's true - the therapeutic stimulation that comes from listening to the wind ~ and the church bells ~ feeling clay and sand fall through my fingers gently, one moment later attacking it with five daggers twirling.
It took the day, it felt great, and I felt prepared to do moving today from the time I lay my head down - I woke up ambitiously at 8:21 am, pondered my day in the porch over coffee, and was at it as soon as I heard another lawn mower running within the neighborhood. I never want to be the first. I cut the grass, then carefully cut around the pumpkins with scissors (yes, scissors) - it looks great, worth the effort.
The rest of the day was spent weeding the backyard beds. I feel like I've taken something back. In control again. grin.

Today's heat was a great compliment to the sun: who chose to shine upon me all day today. I'm crispy to prove it but damn do I feel good. I reclaimed the front yard, transplanting the Day Lilies who were so surprisingly co-planted this spring (always meant to be temporary) (I really enojoyed how the bed turned out, and could have left them all as is, but...).
Fairytale went to the back yard in front of the peony near the shed. One of those pretty peach lilies went to the west side, pathway entrance, opposite Strawberry Candy. The deep orange-peach one was moved to the east side, near the blue spruce, for now. The one that didn't bloom went to the back, at the back lane, near the Weigela...*shrug*.

Left in front are Double River Wye, brought over to to the east, near the walkway to the back door. It's tall, and the yellow lilies will look striking against both Mordens, Fireglow and Blush when looking onto the yard.

For the time being I've left Raspberry Parfait where it is, at the corner near the steps. I'll probably move it eastward, south a bit...I want to plant some Rudbeckia around that area, either at the corner in place of RP or beside. I moved the purple Veronica to be along the walkway, in anticipation of the Rudbeckia.
Blue Irises were moved from their direful state in the desert known as Amy's Garden 2007 to the front, divided, planted with pleas to establish and flourish among the coming daffodils.

Once they've passed, the Day Lilies, Double River Wye, Raspberry parfait, and Melon Balls will greet the front entrance. Along the walkway, before the Melon Balls, is the Bergenia Pig Squeak; to the left I transplanted the Lamb's Ear. Oh yes, I did that purposely. Hannah giggled.

I roughly transplanted some forget-me-nots along the border of the new front bed. I grabbed (literally) some Ajuga (it's mint for cryin' out loud) and plugged it in between the Lilies, along the walkways. It'll fill in nicely and onw't mind being walked on, heh.

The second blue spruce shrub was planted in line with the steps, if looking towards the house. Off-center to the west, it'll add that blue-grey balance I'm hoping for - especially once I plant the Lady's Mantle before it, and a dark red peony behind it. I'm still looking for one more significant player for the front - it's stumping me today. It'll be lime in foliage, but what?

It was so dry I had to soak it, spray it, Claw it over and over again while I amended it. What a great result though! Woot! I just need a few things:

  • Lady's Mantle
  • Peony - reddish
  • lime-foliaged shrub-like perennial.
  • Daffodils
  • Things that come along in time... :)
After tidying, sweeping, catching up I feel ready for autumn. Perhaps it's the pumpkins, the only yield of the season (next year: I'll get those grrgrrgrr squirrels!), that have me in the mood for harvest (or that Hannah already has her Halloween costume) but I'm relishing it. I like the back-to-school feel in the air,both at home and at work, and I like seeing the looks on peoples faces as they walk past our house, smiling.
A comment today: you'll be the best dressed house on the block come Halloween! Yes, I thought - we have nine and counting, all claimed by the carver to be carvees. Home grown, I'm pleased.

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