Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday Mornings

J.P. Connell opened a bud this morning, after a night of light rain.

The window boxes were buggin' me - something wasn't right about them, something was missing. So, I added to each a Lemon Licorice and a vinca. Now, I am pleased. They needed something to punch up the hues (too many pinks, and too much of the same shade of green foliage was blah) and now, I have to say - I think they look pretty cool, and they'll look even better up against the colors of the house.

I've been too busy to do anthing else so nothing's been done. I have soil - but I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the decision of where to dig first. I don't have a lot of time (or energy) these days, so I have to work by strict priority. I'd like to get a few vegetables planted (because I miss being able to nibble in my yard), but I'd also like to get the back area near the fence dug and amended so that I can get something climbing on that lattice (a clematis or two, one honeysuckle, maybe some scarlet runner beans and sweet peas too..).

I can imagine the coziness of my former sitting nook when I sit in the back near the fence. With the canopy above - it'll be quite a hideaway once the plants mature. *grin*

I want to be surrounded in cottage garden plants back there, with edibles everywhere, and pots of herbs & cherry tomatoesmmmmmmm. The canopy of manitoba maples was highlighted this week with the blooms of the one (very large) white crabapple. Its petals fell like snowflakes.

Through the kitchen window I've been enjoying watching the neighbors lilac (heaped with creeper) (try to) bloom. It's quite a tangle. I think it's beautiful, but I also think that tree is being choked.

I was able to get a closer look at the hops pouring over the fence. I've never had the opportunity before - I had no idea they were so twisty. I love 'em! :)

The course is challenging, but has already given me a new perspective in garden planning - so it's proven it's worth in the first two weeks. I'm learning so much and putting so many other things in order - which has really come in handy at the greenhouse, making me feel more confident in the information I give to others. Rethinking chemistry, wow - I've had to borrow Hannah's laminated periodic table binder divider.
No decision on a topic, nevermind writing an abstract for my final paper. I just don't know what direction to go in (there are so many). I'll give myself 'til tomorrows eve to make my choice, so that it might be written by Friday - so that when I get walloped at the greenhouse again next weekend I won't have to worry about it (when I collapse at the end of the day).
It was a very busy weekend. Gardeners everywhere asking every possible question... today was a blur in the heat. I'm going to go sleep now.

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