Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Office Garden I

I've been going through pictures of my garden - my god I took a lot of pictures last year - and I have so much to say as I look at each one. It's going to take me a long time to write all I want to about it, but what's preventing me from even starting a simple, hi I'm amy and this is my garden blahblahblah is that I've been catching myself getting weird over writing (and thinking) of it retrospectively.
I think I'll feel better when Spring becomes Sprummer and I can get my hands dirty, finally. What prompted me to write tonight was a reminder that I did get dirty (rowr) already this Wintering (get it?) and I should stop fussing about what I can't do yet and have a little fun with what I am doing - which is enjoying the also evolving Office Garden....

The Office Garden (so far) consists of a Gardenia (which I'm feeding Epsom salts, but am worried sick about it all the time - I'm determined to not kill it!)(it doesn't get enough warm moist sun, quite the opposite actually, but I always liked a challenge, maybe he will too...), a rotating collection of forced bulbs (which I am really enjoying both for the surprise of the "mystery bulbs" and for their perfection)(the latest crew are a unruly group, all askew and wiry with only one bloom ( see below) but they're pink and no matter how much I try to stop liking pink flowers I just can't, sorry...I like 'em!), a Money Tree (Pachira)(I've seen no money yet), and the best part....babies!

The babies are of three types, the newest being a melon (which until tonight I hadn't thought to ask what kind of melon - it was a gift melon - and as I was going through the photos I took of him today I hadn't realized that I didn't ask what kind of melon, I was just so happy to receive him. I'm a dork - I'll ask tomorrow, but for now I've named him in the photos "Professor Melon", which I like so that will be his name.) and along with Professor Melon there are two pots, one of Basillings and one of Lavenderlings. It's been a life of inconsistent temperatures and humidity -um wait, I don't know if there is any humidity except for maybe when I spritz them, but we'll see, I expect little help from the building in which these little plants live. I'd bring a humidifier in there but I don't think that would go over well because the papers would all get curly (etc.) and that's why it's called an office not a greenhouse (people shouldn't question why I feel I need to work the greenhouse each Spring: I need to satisfy the craving...). The Basil is starting to look good, if I dare say. It's got some plumpness to it's leaves, and I couldn't help but feel a wee bit guilty looking at it today, whetting my appetite at the thought of tossing those leaves into a tomato salad in a near future lunch, yum.
The Lavender is slow, as I expected...but I'm giving it all my best Latin and wishing for it to survive everytime I go under a bridge on my lavender bike (which I also use when I want to reference Lilac, being the Lilac Cadillac afterall). I so want the smell of lavender warming on that sill when I come in each morning (the Basil's going to be weird....I bet it's going to make me hungry all day..).

My Office Garden:

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