Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hymers Fall Fair

Hymers Fall Fair 100th Anniversary
September third was one of those unbearably hot and humid days, even more so away from the Lake in Hymers . We thought we would beat the heat of the day by heading out early, but there was no escape. It didn't seem stop anyone from attending, with an endless stream of vehicles piling in, families piling out, and dogs everywhere (this is the one fair where year after year I see more people bringing their dogs - we decided next year we'll bring Clifford..) I'd swear all of Thunder Bay was there.

The goats were, of course, my favourite - but also the seed saving entries. 
 seed savers
Hymers Fair
3 September 2012
I've always loved the Hymers Fair, but haven't entered anything since I was a kid. Next year I'll try to change that. Our backyard is full of prize winning cucumbers, beans, leaks, basil and tomatoes...      After not feeling well for days, it didn't take long for the heat to get to me and more disappointing was passing up fair food; (there's just something about the smell of fresh kettle corn and elephant ears) but you can't mess with 100 years of tradition. Next to the arts & crafts building with potters and spinning wheels was hay bale tossing and people on stilts. Local honey, wooden flowers, classic carriages & engines - there really is something for everyone. Livestock shows with calves and lambs are ..well, simply adorable.
hay bale toss
Hymers Fall Fair 2012
produce for sale
Hymers Fall Fair 2012

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