Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Garden Diary,

With three times the garden, I'm trying to carefully plan some perennial edibles - like asparagus, some herbs, - and pre-plan some rotating crops to make the most out of our small space. This year I also want to take advantage of time, with early crops and late ones, so we don't miss out on so much while we're away.

I'm going a little crazy. So many options, so many ways to do this..., and in our over zealous way we have already bought more seeds than we could ever plant & tend. I'll have to share some seeds once I have this year's "plan" in mind.

I have never followed "the plan"...

Working in a greenhouse never helps either, without fail I come home with something, every day.. R already understands this is not an income, more a loss really. Luckily he's not bothered by it. Also, with his "give me plans and I'll build it" ability, we will have a succulent wall by summer's end.

Most of the time spent with my new iPad has been setting up apps for writing and gardening, greenhouses, and note taking. I've already set my iEye on more apps I can't yet afford (the expensive ones are always so clever, damn).
I don't think the iPad is going to take the place of my doodle pad and pencil in the garden, but I don't think it'll be far from reach.

Gah, remember all those days I lugged garden books and notebooks in my backpack, on my bike, to the greenhouse, the university, everywhere. Insane. Books are great home companions, always will be best - but for travel I'm digging this new technology.

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