Tuesday, January 10, 2012

indoor springtime photos

micro nikkor 60mm
exposure .025s (1/40)
one deep breath
In spite of the grey, March-like weather, our kitchen is filling with forced bulbs. A little bit of spring cheer a few months in advance is good for the winter soul.
Also enjoyed by my cameras. As part of my winter project/reading fodder I'm challenging myself to better understand the language of photography. Last year it was to better understand my camera, and use only manual settings, and with that I've come to the end unless I get more lenses and flash. I've decided I'm not as interested in working with raw images and learning more about Photoshop/Lightroom as I am with bettering my skills at taking a photograph that requires no editing. I also want to learn more about flash photography. Most of all, I have to learn how to put to words what I do with my camera.
It's the time of year for forced bulbs - the shops are full of them. I look forward to the photographs to come - which should bring me right up to real spring. :) This one of young crocus bulbs took a number of takes, holding my breath, trying to be as steady as possible. The tripod just doesn't work so well with the micro lens having to be manually focussed. I purposely dribbled water over them, then search for the best droplets. I think some time-lapse crocus blooms are in order. Cheering up the windowsill, the grey day behind doesn't bother me so much.

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