Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Indian Summer

It was a beautiful ride along the trails this morning. Even though it seems most of the leaves have fallen (so many are on the ground, blowing down our street) there are still a few trees hanging on to their colour, which are stunning.

There was some debate over the Willow Springs bird's face at the the TBAG, with some thinking it was a little creepy. Personally, I think it's charming. The face, to me, is something out of a Grimm novel, full of character. I can only imagine the things that go on there when nobody's looking.
 On the way home, a stop at the farmer's market on Memorial: with pumpkins galore,
and apples for cider, and apples for pie, apples for crumble, apples for caramel...

Eggplant (I don't really like to eat eggplant,
but I like to grow them because they're very photogenic).

I wish these days would last a little bit longer. ...

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