Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dear Garden

I've really let you go wild since we returned from Australia..., this happens; we'll get back on track soon. We left you right when you were giving us your best, it wasn't fair to any of us.
I haven't been well,
I know you understand,
and this is why you've been entertaining me with your unrestrained beds bubbling over with yellow tomatoes and bumble bees. I've photographed your best sides this year - we'll just leave the mess to the memory.

You've always look nice (to me anyway), and I can see the progress we've made this summer. You'll be back in spring - fresh. Besides, some of your plants were meant to be left alone this year, like your  foxgloves: I wanted them to seed themselves in your new soil along the side of the house, ...and they are. The Clematis too, they need time to adjust to you, and you to them.

You have survived the drought of 2011: both by mother nature and myself, my neglect. Sure enough though, the autumn rains have come and all your damp loving shady perennials out there are soaking it all up. They'll be fine.
Thank you for the rudbeckia show, a September favourite, never failing. They're beautiful (and the last of your blooms).

Your autumn preparations are underway, vegetables out, daffodils in. I'm already excited to see you next spring.

Yours truly,

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