Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Garden Blog To-Do List

1. Though I'm terribly behind, I have to write a post about Renee's Garden and the Seed Grow Project. It's been too early to plant here yet, but I wanted to acknowledge the package, and note my plans. I'll probably plant the seeds this weekend.

2. I must visit the greenhouse, Dennis & Susan, and post a photo journey through this year's growth.

3. There's a mountain to write about our garden.
- plans for the new vegetable bed
- transplanting some of my treasured perennials to the front shade garden
- John Davis' survival story
- dogs in the garden
Not to mention photos of the progress. I can't keep up with the rhubarb, which is already near it's first harvest. The azalea is in full bloom right now, and the lilac is showing signs of a great bloom already. Ferns and hostas are returning under the spruce tree, and all the daylilies have begun to grow.

4. I've spent a fair bit of time in the garden lately just cleaning it up and puttering around the plants. It's been a decent distraction, and I do find solitude in working the soil.
Our new vegetable bed is a little behind schedule. After the demolition and construction of our new back porch last fall, the bed that used to contain all of Rohan's favourite succulents was destroyed. We saved the plant but have decided to transplant them elsewhere around the garden, and use the ideal space for vegetable and herbs.
The space has southern exposure, with protection from the house to the north, and steps to the west. It's not large by any means, but enough for us to put a few tomatoes and peppers, some herbs, and possibly peas. The deck and barbecues are just to the west of the veggie space, so I can imagine a lot of snacking going on.

5. We stained my old Adirondack chairs with a solid stain in lime-moss green. They look fabulous. Photos will follow soon.


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