Friday, April 18, 2008

LUCK Garden

a young tomato plant in my office: planted & grown by Euan Pound (age 5)
and given to me :D

I've been thinking about having some giant letter shaped raised beds constructed for the children's garden. I've seen this sort of thing in children's gardens (giant A B C raised beds / planters) - perhaps a large L and a U. How about a C for Campus and K for Kids, spelling LUCK? Lakehead University Campus Kids garden. :)
...or maybe just an L and a U...*shrug*, who knows...

  • native plants

  • sustainable water catchment systems

  • an ethnobotanical First Nations garden

  • a butterfly and bird habitat garden (in the surrounding area & greenspace)

  • children's art (painted benches and garden seats, watering cans, poles and structures for fun climbing plant projects)

varieties to consider planting with children:
~ Genovese Basil: as an example of an organic pest deterrent
~ Royal Burgundy Bush and Pole Beans: the purple beans that change from purple to green when cooked, and purple potatoes (Russian Blue)
~ Chioggia Beets: mild white and red striped beets
~ Tomatoes: Yellow pears, green striped Zebras, Paul Robesons, Amish Paste, German Giants, and Grape

  • Edible flowers such as Nasturtium, viola, chives and other cooking herbs.
  • Big seeds for little hands such as corn, beans, sunflowers; fast producers including radish, beets, lettuces, thumblina carrots; and instant gratifiers such as cucumbers, edible-podded peas and beans that can be eaten in the garden.
  • Alphabet gardens - to help children remember the common names of flowers.
  • Other theme garden ideas: a pizza wheel, and a salsa garden.

Eating the Alaphabet
by Lois Ehlert
(see also: Growing Vegeltable Soup )

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by Hannah Tofts

I will not ever NEVER eat a tomato
(in pop-up!)
by Lauren Child

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