Saturday, March 15, 2008

doodling from memory

Of course I'm planning all this having only seen it twice, briefly, by peeking through windows. I really have no spatial concept yet. There's a gate to the west side that will be the main entrance to amy's garden - I will concentrate on that side this year, and establishing the shady nook. The nook sits in view of the dining room window below the mature tree (maple?)(I haven't been close enough yet), and is sweetly protected and private.
The fence is tall. How much it adds to the shaded areas with its shadow is yet to be determined. Even with its southern exposure, I'm suspecting there's more room for shade plants than sun. Shady nook aside, the yard seems to receive a great deal of morning sun. I'm curious to learn the patterns of this new space; if my predictions turn true there are multitudes of opportunities here. I've got such a good feeling about this....the shady nook will be even better than at 606, and I can see it easily filled by my existing plants such as the hydrangea, goats beard, ferns, hostas...

The deck receives a great deal of sunshine, along with the space just below. I'm thinking about pots of things to eat. ~ but I have not got a clear enough idea of what the deck actually offers. I have to wait for the snow to melt.
Regardless, there will be plenty of space to grow vegetables and herbs. I've been in a sunflowery kind of mood lately also; and they could help me watch the sun.

On the north side of the house, the front steps offer two perfect rests for my 'window' boxes, finally. Both! They'll be in full, cool shade - which, to me, is great for containers - the planting opportunities are endless, and without worry of them drying out in a few short hours in hot dry sun; shady boxes will last and last.

I have such an incredible vision for our new home, both inside and out. The view out the dining room window will be divine. I'll be able to peer out on to my nook; I'm imagining it now on a rainy day - when I would long to sit out there. But from inside, by the fire, through that window...I think I'll feel quite content to gaze through the glass.


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